Printing on almost any machine


Lenticular – 3D printing has come a long way. Today’s printers are versatile and can accept many types of substrates. Lenticular can be printed on offset and digital printers with relative ease and productivity.

Digital printers run the spectrum from the low end Epson Stylus series to the high-end Nur flat-bed printers. The common denominator is that these digital printers are commonly used for short runs and to print poster size images.  Digital printing can be done in two ways:

  • Print the image on paper (photo quality) and then have it laminated onto the lenticular.
  • Print directly on the lenticular. These can be done with many larger flatbeds such as the Nur – where the lenses have been treated with a special solvent.

Offset printing is for the masses and is very doable today. Many professional printers have invested in presses dedicated to lenticular printing. Offset printing can be used to mass-produce fine quality 3D images for magazine covers, notebook covers, postcards and many more applications. In general the offset printing is done on soft lenticular that is 60LPI and higher.

More later.

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Thinking out of the BOX


What would you do if you could create an eye-catching 3D creation? Would it be a great package design? A magazine cover (see this)?

Lenticular is actually a very flexible creative medium. Almost anything you can come up with – can be done in lenticular/3D. As a matter of fact some applications are more suited for 3D then they are for typical 2D.

We will explore some more ideas in upcoming posts.

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What is 3D print?


Interested in 3D? Want to make your message stand out? Then learn about 3D printing.

Perhaps we should take a step back before we begin and describe what we call 3D.

3D printing is not:

  • A virtual reality show
  • A virtual reality game
  • A fancy name for cool graphics

3D printing is:

  • A picture or a graphic that seems to fly off the page
  • A set of images that flip back and forth to give an animated effect
  • A set of pictures formatted in such a way – that gives the perception that they are flying off the page

3D printing is a three step process:

  • Capture or create the 3D. This can be done with 3D capture software such as SW from HumanEyes or can be created using different images and added 3D effects
  • The 3D creation is interlaced
  • The picture is printed on lenticular

More in the next posting


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Hello Everyone,

Here it is – the premier source for 3D information. This is the place for learning and sharing about the creation, printing and anything else you wanted to know and learn on 3D images.

Here is a guide to the current categories.

  • 3D Photography – This category deals with (you guessed it) everything you wanted to know about capturing images for use in 3D photography.
  • 3D Printing for Dummies – Not that anyone is a dummy, but there is a lot to understand when it comes to the creation, visualization and printing of 3D. For example do you know what “Lenticular” means? Have you ever had a chance to interlace? Well this blog will show you how.
  • Advertising Ideas – Ever wonder what advertisers use 3D and lenticular for? Well look not further. This forum will explore innovative ideas in advertising.
  • General Ideas – Got a cool idea? Want to learn about new trends in 3D – this is the place.
  • Printing – For questions and knowledge on getting the most out of your 3D creation.
  • Success Stories – Learn from others on what 3D and lenticular can do to make you a star.

Good Luck!

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Capturing the world in 3D


There are many of looking at things. Humans look at the world in stereo – we have 2 eyes allowing us to see the world with depth and contours. This is a tremendous advantage. Stereo capabilities make our world come alive. They make thing that would look flat look real.

Imagine having that capability when taking pictures?

What would you do with that capability?

How do you think that would change your world?

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