Advertising that ROCKS!


Lenticular 3D printing is not for Cracker Jack boxes anymore. Today’s software can create some amazing advertisements that capture user’s attention and imagination. Actually, studies that were done to test the impact of 3D.

The results were amazing:

  • In a study done comparing traditional 2D advertisement to 3D advertisements attracted more attention and tempted the viewer to try the product.
  • People preferred the 3D advertisement by a significant percentage over the 2D advertisement.
  • 64% of people surveyed felt that the advertisement looked better in 3D over the 32% that preferred the 2D.
  • In another study 75% of those surveyed where willing to spend more on a CD with a lenticular cover over 23% that where not willing to spend more.

These results are just the tip of the iceberg. Next post we will discus ideas for cool advertising.

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