Creative MarketPlace

HumanEyes Technologies has come up with a great new innovation – The Creative MarketPlace. The Creative MarketPlace is a meeting place between Creative Professional and Printers. Creative Professionals can post their lenticular projects on the MarketPlace and get back quotes from various printers. This service should open up the world of lenticular printing! .

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New Creative3D software

HumanEyes Technologies has released a new version of its software that allows creative professionals to create their own 3D, flip and animation projects. Creative3D also allows designers to take any 2D picture and turn it into 3D. Read More…

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Lens Free Printing

HumanEyes Technologies is set to release a new feature, called lens-free printing. With lens-free printing, one will be able to create lenticular without the lenticular! That is right. Any glass or plastic can become a lenticular lens. Read More…

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KBA Sponsors weeklong Lenticular Seminar

Check this out: Click Here

KBA sponsored a week long seminar on lenticular printing. According to Eric Frank, KBA North America vice president of marketing, Lenticular printing continues to be one of the most sought-after techniques to attract a customer’s eye and provide value-added services to a printer’s bottom line.

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Lenticular Biz Cards

Check out this article: click here

This article talks about creating exciting business cards that help boast your business. One of those type of cards is of course eye-catching lenticular business cards.

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New Lenticular Poster for Ghost Rider Movie

Check out this link: GhostRider Poster.

Notice the comment: “Lenticular posters seem to be all the rage now-a-days

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2D to 3D software PrintPro v2.0 – “fine tool”

Here’s another example of HumanEyes PrintPro. This time you can see the “fine matting” tool, which is used on lady liberty’s head.

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2D to 3D conversion

Example of using HumanEyes PrintPro to convert a 2D image to a 3D model

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The box makes the sale…


Product packaging has always been a challenging field. How can one create a catchy yet useable package? Add to that environmental waster concerns and issues of sustainability and you have some work to do.

Wouldn’t it be great to make your packaging do more? How about adding some lenticular to your packaging? How about lenticular packaging?

Lenticular packaging is just like regular packaging – it is just cooler. Imagine that great kids toys packaged in lenticular. The question would be what does the child want more the toy or the box? Imagine having a whole series of collectable items as part of a line of a children’s toy do you think it would drive sales as well?


What is your design idea? Share it with us.

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Advertising that ROCKS!


Lenticular 3D printing is not for Cracker Jack boxes anymore. Today’s software can create some amazing advertisements that capture user’s attention and imagination. Actually, studies that were done to test the impact of 3D.

The results were amazing:

  • In a study done comparing traditional 2D advertisement to 3D advertisements attracted more attention and tempted the viewer to try the product.
  • People preferred the 3D advertisement by a significant percentage over the 2D advertisement.
  • 64% of people surveyed felt that the advertisement looked better in 3D over the 32% that preferred the 2D.
  • In another study 75% of those surveyed where willing to spend more on a CD with a lenticular cover over 23% that where not willing to spend more.

These results are just the tip of the iceberg. Next post we will discus ideas for cool advertising.

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